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The Whole Palestinian Nation, Not Only a Section of It, Is Resisting From a correspondent of Dialogue Review in the West Bank
Page 4
About the Recognition of the Palestinian State By François Lazar
Page 7
Some Questions for a Palestinian Militant in the 1948 Territories Interview of 26 November 2014
Page 8
Interview with Doctor Dominique Le Nen French University and Hospitals surgeon and professor, back from a mission in the Gaza Strip Interviewed by Roger Calvez
Page 11
To Be Twenty Years Old in Palestine A discussion with three young Palestinians at the Faculté Ségalen (the Segalen University)
Page 15
Document: Excerpts from a series of articles published in the Fatah journal in 1970: The Palestinian Revolution and the Jews
Page 18
Book Review Palestine, a Jewish Question by Richard Wagman Reviewed by Gali Harroch
Page 23
Book Review Max Blumenthal: Goliath. Life and Loathing in Greater Israel. Nation Books – 2013 Reviewed by Sam Ayache

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